OLFLEX FD 855 P 25G2.5 cable

OLFLEX FD 855 P 25G2.5 cable

0027376 LAPP

OLFLEX FD 855 P 25G2.5 cable

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OLFLEX FD 855 P 25G2.5 cable- 12 m, 24 m section available

Halogen-free, highly flexible control cable with abrasion- and oil-resistant PUR sheath.

ÖLFLEX® FD 855 PÖLFLEX® FD 855 P - Halogen-free power and control cable for heavy duty drag chain applications, UL / cUL AWM approved

Extended Line Performance - Long travel distances or high accelerations
Universal with small bending radii
UL / cUL certification for North America

Producer: Lappkabel

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